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Background: Established company in business for over 10 years with over 50 employees, providing educational training services to K-12 school systems throughout the country. This company’s growth and profitability had become stagnant in recent years and had recently experience top level management team changes.

Business Challenges: Trying to change with the times to remain relevant and competitive in their industry. Their management team strategically decided to change business directions to and shift their products from being physical paper based pamphlets & books to a new paperless web based online service. Needed to quickly and cost effectively set up new product development and testing systems, as well as streamline their existing IT Systems to reduce operating expenses.

Solution/Benefits: The company was able to quickly and cost effectively start testing and developing it’s new products using the Microsoft Azure Cloud IT Infrastructure Platform setting up various web servers & database servers for both development and production systems to support the new business direction. Additionally, existing outdated and low performance on premise servers, were economically replaced with new and updated high performance servers running out of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing data centers.

Education Industry Services Company

Background: Technology and manufacturing company with over 35 employees located in New Jersey USA. This successful manufacturer provides high tech solutions for both the commercial and government markets, and needs to continuously stay ahead of the competition through technology innovation and operating their business as productively as possible.

Business Challenges:
Running a profitable and successful manufacturing company in New Jersey USA is a challenge unto itself, given the growing international competition and unfavorable State business environment. The management team acknowledges that it has to continually improve and innovate their products as well as update their business technology and tools, to achieve their business goals. Every 3 to 5 years IT Systems and processes are evaluated in terms of improving existing systems or updating them with next generation more capable and productive solutions.

The company was able to evaluate, budget, and plan for strategic key business systems upgrades, that will enable them to stay ahead of their competition from both a product and business operations productivity perspective. New  Cloud based IT Systems including; Email, Document Management & Storage, Network Security, and Data Backup with offsite Recovery, were scheduled and implemented based on the management team’s scheduling & requirements. The new Cloud based IT Systems that were implemented will provide the technology manufacturer with the speed and flexibility they will need to successfully grow their company and effectively respond to competitive threats they will face in coming years.


Whether you are launching a new startup business, trying to profitably manage your growing or changing business environment, or in need of updating your outdated IT Systems, the latest Cloud Computing Solutions combined with DataWorks’ Business Technology Strategies, can be utilized by our organization to help you successfully achieve your business goals.

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Background: New business startup in the healthcare industry providing educational training, innovation consulting services, and database management platform; to hospitals, medical groups, and physicians. This new startup consisted of a small group of scientists, physicians, and financial/business professionals located in different site locations that needed to communicate and share information on a regular basis to manage and run the business.

Business Challenges: The company’s business operations needed to be set up quickly & cost effectively with reliable and secure IT Systems to; communicate via email and web conferencing, share documents, and use office productivity apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Visio. The management team was unsure of how much computing power they would need or the resources required to run the systems and associated financial budget.

Solution/Benefits: The healthcare startup company was able to quickly and cost effectively start utilizing the enterprise quality business productivity applications by implementing the latest Cloud Computing Apps from Microsoft including Office 365 and the Azure IT Cloud Infrastructure to create and run their custom healthcare industry database application. Innodesa was able to quickly start using the familiar business apps and pay for the IT Systems using a low monthly subscription fee.

Healthcare Industry Services Company

Technology Manufacturer in New Jersey

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