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DataWorks provides our organization with comprehensive cybersecurity services including internet firewalling, VPN remote worker connectivity to our on premise IT Systems, and NIST military level security compliance including Multi Factor Authentication when accessing our busienss systems.


At DataWorks, We Provide Pre Packaged Ready To Go Business Cybersecurity Solutions To Address Today’s Most Dangerous Cyber Threats (We Can Fill In The Technology Skill Set Gaps For Your Internal Staff !)

  • ​​​​Advanced Email SPAM Filtering & Security Services with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Email Archiving, Data Retention, and Data Back Up Recovery
  • Multi Factor Authentication (Cloud Systems and On Premise Systems Authentication)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Complete Multi Factor Authentication                Supports Multiple MFA Device Types                  Industry Security Compliance

                      Platform                                                                                                                                                               HIPAA | PCI | NIST                  

SurepassID: is a leading provider of Multi factor Security Services & Solutions for Business, Government, and Public Organizations.

SurepassID Solutions Include:

  • Cloud Systems MFA Access (Cloud Portals, Microsoft 365, Google, Etc..)
  • On Premise Systems MFA Access (Internal Company Systems and Integartion With Active Directory)
  • Hybrid Systems Environments Access (Cloud Portals and On Premise Systems) Use Single MFA Authentication

SurepassID supports various MFA Authentication Methods Including:

  • Simple To Use Push App On Your Mobile Phone
  • Tokens/Keyfabs
  • Bio Metric Interfaces

SurepassID supports industry compliance for:

  • NIST/CMMC (Government)
  • PCI (Credit Card Processing)
  • HIPAA (Healthcare)

​​​​​​​​​​​​We Partner With The Leading Cybersecurity Vendors & Technologies In The Industry

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Azure Active Directory Security Services: Is Microsoft's Cloud based identity and access management service. This service helps your employees access external resources, such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications.

Azure ACtive Directory Security Authentication Services Include:

  • Office 365 and Azure Cloud Applications User Access Management and Authentication
  • Multi Factor Authentication With Conditional Access Security Rules
  • 3rd Party SAS Apps Access Management and Authentication Such As Salesforce, Dropbox, Etc... 

Getting Digitally Attacked means that your personal information can be used for financial fraudulent acts, loosing your company data, and mis using your digital identity to damage your reputation with your customers & vendors.

  • 90% or more of cyber/digital attacks start initially with email Phishing
  • Most companies that get attacked with ransomware that encrypts their company data already are using virus protection, which does not work
  • User identities are being stolen and used to commit financial fraud (Fake Invoices, Fake Payrole Direct Deposits, Etc...)


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Barracuda Cloud Security: is Microsoft's Partner of The Year featuring their advanced email SPAM Filtering services which include:

  • Enhanced Email SPAM Protection Against Suspicious Senders, Messages Altered In Transit, and Viruses Attached To Messages
  • Email Archiving With Retention Rules
  • Data Backup and Recovery For Exchange Email, Onedrive, and Sharepoint Data
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) that Monitors Your Email Behavior For Potential Fraudulent Activities

​​​​​​​​​​​​Email SPAM Filtering                                              Multi Factor Authentication

With Data Backup Recovery                              For On Premise & Cloud Systems