DataWorks Provides A Complete Line Of Business Telephone Systems & Communications Services Including:

  • Business Telephone Systems; on premise or cloud based
  • Telecom productivity apps including; voice mail to email, conference calling, remote extensions, and call center/agent routing
  •  Voice Calling Plan Options based on your specific needs and calling volume
  • Toll Free/800 Number Plans
  • High Speed Internet Services from the leading carriers in the industry
  • Disaster Recovery Services For Both Telephone Voice and Internet Data Services
  • Computer data & telephone voice cabling services

"I've worked with the DataWorks' customer service team for over 10 years now, and they have been time & time again, provided excellent technical support and solution recommendations for our company's multi site location telephone systems  business requirements. I would definitely recommend DataWorks."


Microsoft 365 Cloud PBX Communications is a cloud-based telephone system built-for productivity. It seamlessly integrates into the Microsoft 365 & Teams applications and provides for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together; calling, meetings, and messaging , whether you are in or out of the office.

Use different devices for every work experience, for any space, and any working style, Desktop phones, smart phones, and computers are all supported device types.
Includes optional calling plans for domestic, international, and 800-Toll free calling services
Simplify telephone system use, minimize the number of vendors you deal with, and reduce overall telephone sytem ownership & maintenance costs.

Customer Testimonial

At DataWorks, We provide Pre Packaged Ready To Go Business Telephone Systems Solutions to address Today’s Most Challenging Business Communications Needs (We Fill In The Technology Skills Gaps For Your Internal Staff)

  • ​​​​Telephone Systems For In The Office and Remote Workers
  • Meeting Collaboration Solutions (Zoom, Teams, & Google)
  • Conference Room Setups (Logitech and Microsoft Solutions)

We can assist you with your Telephone System and Meeting Collaboration Business Needs In Today's New Normal!

We Can Meet You Where You Are At, Based On Your Specific Business Needs !

  • Add On Cloud PBX Voice Services that work with your existing onsite & remote workers (Teams and Ipitomy Options)
  • Optimize your Meeting & Collaboration Communications Services (Zoom, Teams, Google)
  • Update Your Conference Room Systems (Video Conferencing Systems From Logitech and Microsoft)

Sangoma Communications  provides next generation IP based telephone systems solutions that include both on premise and hosted cloud based options. Ipitomy is one of the leading Asterisk PBX based vendors in the industry in terms of features, track record, and cost effectiveness.

  • Your choice of phone devices - IP Phones, Cordless Phones, and Mobile phone apps
  • Telephone productivity apps - visual call management computer screen, built-in conference bridge, call center sales & customer service app, and more
  • Remote worker and remote office site to site networking support


Manufacturing Company

DataWorks provides single point of contact management support services for your Telephone Systems, Conferencing & Meeting Services, and Remote Worker Connectivity, Including;

  • Evaluating and selecting communications services for your organization
  • Reporting and escalating trouble issues with your communications services provider/s
  • Reviewing communications services billing​​​​

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