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Zoom Provides 2 Different Conferencing Solution Options

  • Zoom Meeting
  • Zoom Room


Zoom Meetings: enables enterprises to host online video-hosted meeting easily. All a participant needs to do is install the zoom meeting client in his desktop or mobile and join the meeting. No matter where the participant is located, they can instantly join a meeting and present their ideas and suggestions and even share a video, document or any other files with other participants. Zoom Meeting is a revolutionary meeting platform that integrates high-quality video and audio support to all your meetings. 

Zoom Room: is basically a physical conference room software that can instantly turn you huddle room, meeting room, training room or any other room into a full-functional video conferencing room integrated with high-quality audio/video capabilities along with Zoom cloud platform. Zoom Room enables you to meet with anyone including remote participants on mobile, desktop or even other external conference systems. Share documents, insights, and status updates, while being able to manage important projects and easily locate people.

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Teams Meetings, Web Conferencing, and  Collaboration Apps Solutions ​provide a central meetings, collaboration, and communications hub within organizations. Keep your team in sync by sharing documents, insights, and status updates while being able to manage important projects and easily locate people.

  • Teams includes; document management & collaboration, chat, web video & audio conferencing, telephone PBX & calling plans, and is seamlessly integrated with Office 365 email, contacts, and calendars.
  • ​You can create departmental groups within your organization and communicate securely to work on company initiatives and projects all in one application.
  • ​Microsoft Teams Meeting Conferencing Rooms bring a modern, easy to use and consistent experience to all meeting spaces with one touch join and a rich set of AI enabled capabilities.​
  • Includes legal & compliance​ based document retention & deletion policies, as well as advanced information search capabilities

The recent Microsoft Teams Communications & Collaboration recommendation for our company has really improved our organizatio's  communications capabilities with our internal departments, customers, and investors!

How do you keep your business running during and after the Coronavirus business impact?

  • Need to keep the business running and generating revenue now and through this unknown business recovery period
  • Need to use new and better business tools and processes to help reduce both upfront capital expenditures & recurring operating expenses during this challenging business environment

How do you keep your company and employees connected & productive regardless of where they are working from?

  • Need to set up your remote workers to access your office IT Systems & applications easily & securely
  • Need to use new modern business productivity tools for; Meetings, Communications, & Collaboration, to continue managing projects, communicating with your team, and running key business functions within your organization

​​Google Meet: Google is making enterprise-grade video conferencing available to everyone. Now, anyone with a Google Account can create an online meeting with up to 100 participants and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting.

Businesses, schools, and other organizations can take advantage of advanced features, including meetings with up to 250 internal or external participants and live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers within a domain.

  • Connect with anyone - coworkers, clients, classmates - as often as you'd like
  • Follow along in real time with automated live captions powered by Google speech recognition technology
  • Google Meet works on any device. Join a meeting from your desktop/laptop, Android, or Iphone/IPad.
  • ​Video and Audio preview screen
  • Adjustable layouts and screen settings
  • Anyone can easily pin, mute, or remove participants.