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You May Need A Coronavirus Business IT Recovery Plan?
"by carlos castan"

A Coronavirus business IT business roadmap is a guide that outlines an organization’s business technology initiatives during and after the Coronavirus emergency time period. It should cover essential IT strategies, processes, solutions, and budgets. It details the IT your business is already using and what you will need to implement in the near future as your company eventually comes out from this un planned ON HOLD business interruption period.

The benefits of a Coronavirus business IT roadmap

IT roadmaps in general can help companies to both understand current business survival needs and forecast as best as possible future business IT needs. With these type of well thought out business contingency plans, business can become more agile to navigating the unknown future business environment.

Given the pace of IT industry constant changes, a roadmap can dispel a lot of uncertainty across departments and get everyone aligned under the same goals by providing employees better insight and focus into the company’s business IT initiatives.

There are three phases to consider when developing a business IT roadmap plan:

Preliminary phase: In the first phase of creating a business IT roadmap, it’s important to establish leadership and sponsorship for the roadmap. You’ll want to settle on what will be included in the final roadmap and establish what needs will be met by the roadmap. It’s during this phase that decision makers establish and identify key problems that can be solved through business IT road-mapping.

Development phase: The second phase is when your company will create the actual roadmap document. In this phase, it’s important to establish which specific IT initiatives to focus on that will most impact and improve business critical business processes and exiting operational challenges

Follow-up activity phase: The third phase is when the completed roadmap is evaluated to see whether it needs improvements or changes. The roadmap is then used to create a plan for evolving the business' IT plan addressing both the current Coronavirus business On Hold Period and throughout the business recovery period, which is really unknown at this point in time.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can prepare and plan your business IT strategies and resources during this critical Coronavirus environment, please feel free to contact me directly.

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