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​How Safe Is It To Be Working From Home During The Coronavirus?​​
"by carlos castan"

Now that there is a significant number of remote workers here in the NJ/NYC metro area, there are many of us using our personal or home computers to work from. This introduces a whole new set of both performance and security concerns that we need to address in order to be able to work productively and safely.

Here are some quick guide lines on how to use and secure your computers and data when not using your trusted office computer:

1. If you are sharing a computer at home, please make sure you have a separate log in for your business related applications, to minimize accidental access and modifications to your business information and application settings.

2. Check to see if you are using an updated operating system, for PCs, you should be using Windows 10 home edition at least, and preferably Windows 10 Professional if possible. These updated operating systems will provide extra security and protection while you are working from home.

3. Check to see if you are running an active virus protection program on your computer. You will want to make sure your computer is protected as reasonably as possible.

4. Check to see if you have a strong wifi password in place, you want to protect access to your home network since you are now using it for work related tasks.

5. Work with your IT person/company to properly set up and test your preferred/required type of remote access to your business applications and systems. When connecting to your main business office IT systems, make sure you are using some type of VPN encrypted communications connections to protect your data during transmission.

6. Last but not least, stay vigilant of; email phishing hacks, opening up emails or documents from un known senders, and clicking on suspicious websites and ads. These are all known sources of catching viruses. And contact your IT person/company as soon as possible if you think you are possibly infected.

Always feel free to contact me directly to learn more about keeping your business IT running optimally and securely.

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