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 It is important to have a business continuity plan in case of unexpected emergency situations that may arise such as a pandemic, power outages, flooding, and fire. An important consideration for businesses is that a company may not be able to sustain normal business operations onsite physically at their facilities. The ability to support employees remotely then becomes essential to ensure business continuity and security.

In the last 3 to 4 months many organizations have rushed to set up their remote workforces due to the Coronavirus, with little time to plan and test solutions that optimize; access to business systems & performance, information protection & security, employee safety & productivity.

All organizations impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic should have a business continuity plan that addresses the above areas of concern to help them successfully navigate through these dangerous pandemic times with no end point in the near future.

Below are 3 of the main business continuity remote workforce areas that many small & medium sized businesses should be aware of that specifically address preparing your company to weather the current pandemic we are all living with today.

1. Your main office site facility will need IT equipment and internet services that can accommodate more remote workers connecting to your business systems than normal. IT systems and communications services need to provide for acceptable levels of speed and performance.

  • Faster Internet services
  • Higher Performing Firewalls to process increased traffic
  • Higher Performing VPN connections

2. As a result of having this new increased level of remote worker data communications connecting to your main office business systems, you will also need to improve security and data protection at both your main office site and at your remote employee locations as well.

  • Secure email
  • Firewall threat protection & enhanced security policies
  • Secure VPN connections with data encryption
  • Remote device/mobile device data & virus protection

3. Implement new remote workforce policies and procedures focused on"

  • Connecting your remote employees productively & securely
  • Protecting your employees, company information, and IT Systems
  • Reassessing how to run and operate your employees access to your business systems in the most productive and cost effective manner

Always feel free to contact me directly regarding your organizations communications and collaborations challenges.

Carlos Castan | DataWorks LLC

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not over yet and we all need a plan to stay in business and keep our employees safe & Connected!

By carlos Castan

The Coronavirus Pandemic is not over yet and we all need to learn how to run our organizations in this challenging remote workforce business environment in a productive and safe manner, until an effective vaccine and/or other remedy is found. ​