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​The new stay at home worker mode due to the Coronavirus quarantine is a great opportunity to organize and optimize how you work!
"by carlos castan"

​Let's face it, we need to work remotely now and still need to communicate effectively and be productive within our companies. There are many options out there, but do you have the time and expertise to properly evaluate and test these various options, especially when we are all stressed and anxious. Who knows how long or to what extent we will all need to work remotely for?

As a business technology professional with over 20 years of remote data & voice communications experience, I would recommend using a combination of remote workforce IT connectivity solutions that best address your company's specific business needs.

  • Try to minimize the number of remote worker applications that you use to keep it simple for users
  • Find remote worker connectivity options that address your different types of business communications needs; document collaboration with your team & external partners, web & audio conferencing, access to company business systems, email, and telephone communications
  • Evaluate how difficult, expensive, length of time, and security risks, that these various options will take to implement

Right now, companies like my firm, are providing our clients with quick evaluations on which remote worker connectivity options make the most sense for them.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me during this challenging and unchartered business environment. 

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