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​​​​​​​​​What type of company are you & what are your biggest Remote Worker technical and business management set up challenges right now?

​​​​​​​​​Why Choose DataWorks LLC?

  • We carefully evaluate and test the latest business IT products & services available for small & medium  sized organizations, and we select & curate these solutions for our customers. We prepackage our business IT products & services for our customers and make them; simple to understand, easy to buy, and low stress to implement & manage.
  • We have experience in various industries and we can share our proven and successful customer solutions to help organizations better use IT systems & processes to improve their businesses.
  • We focus on carefully communicating & understanding your business & IT needs, so that we can recommend simple, cost effective, and scalable, IT solutions that will best address your organizations specific business IT needs.

​​​​​​​​​1. Your remote employees are frustrated with how they are connecting to your main office business IT Systems & Apps, they keep disconnecting, the speed is too slow, etc...

2. You need better & more modern business apps and tools to communicate & collaborate with your remote team of workers; to schedule meetings, to work on projects together, and to communicate with customers & vendors.

3. You worry about how safe & secure tour company information is when the data is being viewed and stored in many remote home offices with limited controls that you can enforce

Remote Worker Secure VPN Connectivity Package Standard: $49.99 Per Month Per User Including:

  • User and Main Office IT & Security Audit with Report Findings
  • Remote user vpn implementation set up: software, testing, & training
  • Remote Worker IT Security including; Complex Passwords, Multi Factor Authentication, Proactive Malicious Threat Protection (Email Phishing, URLs, Websites, & Ransomware), Virus Protection, and Security Best Practices Settings Optimization
  • Remote help desk support and trouble shooting
  • 7 X 24 X 365 Remote user Workstation & VPN Client Monitoring with Alerts
  • User company data Offsite Cloud data back up

One time Implementation Price: Setup Labor: $199 per user with a 5 User minimum

One time Firewall/VPN hardware Price: $999 For Up to 25 users

Note: Customer business apps and IT systems to be pre approved by DataWorks​​

 IT Executive

Manufacturing Company


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Customer Testimonial

 ​​​​​​​​​At DataWorks, we are experts in Remote Worker IT Connectivity & Security, Business IT Transformation, and Communications &  Collaboration Solutions for small and medium sized companies. We focus exclusively on helping Covid Pandemic impacted companies and organizations that need to transform their companies to survive & grow in today's new business normal environment. If you want to get  your remote workforce better connected,  help your employees better communicate & become more productive , and better protect your company from cyber threats, then you are in the right place.

​​How are you keeping your remote employees connected & secure to your main business systems and keeping them working productively during the Covd Pandemic?

"Thank you for all of your additional support, guidance, and prioritization for our company during the Coronavirus emergency teleworker setup that DataWorks provided for us"

Remote Worker Secure VPN Connectivity Package Profesional

(Microsoft 365 Business Premium): $79.99 Per Month Per User Including:

  • All features included in the above Standard Package plus
  • Secure Exchange Email, Teams Meetings, Onedrive Personal Doc Management, & Office Suite Apps

One time User Migration Price: Setup Labor: $199 per user with a 5 User minimum

One Time Platform Portal Setup and Congifuration: $500

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